Legislation Alerts For The Topics You Care About


Laws covering buying, selling, carrying, growing/manufacturing, and consuming cannabis, THC, or CBD.

Gun Control

Your direct access to 2A’s newest bills and changing legislation for ammunition, firearms, and more.


Make sure you know what’s happening with both online and in-person gambling.


Covid has impacted bills of every topic, and even been used to sneak in controversial legislation.


Making Legislation Accessible To Everyone

Instant Alerts

We scan Federal and State bills every day, sending you an alert as soon as we find legislation matching the topics you care about.

Weekly Recaps

Stay informed and up to date with our customized weekly recap of bills. We analyze the topics you follow and curate a personalized recap of legislation most likely to impact you.

Artificial Intelligence

We use AI to give you the most comprehensive bill scan. You don’t need to learn how to use our tools. Just tell us what topics you are interested in, using your own words.

How It Works

Topics + Tracking = Alerts
You tell us the topics you want to track.
We scan Federal/State legislation for you, using AI technology for the most comprehensive search.
We send you an email alert as soon as we find bills related to your topics.


Track Pre-Set Topics Or Create Your Own Custom Alerts
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Buying, selling, growing/manufacturing, carrying, and consuming all cannabis products include THC and CBD.

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Gun Control

2A legislation for everything firearms related, from buying, to selling, owning, and carrying.

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Comprehensive gambling tracking for betting and games, both online and in-person.

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Covid legislation impacting you, your business, or your livelihoods. Everything from taxes to funding.


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  • Prefilled Alerts
  • Customized Alerts
  • Premium Alerts
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About Us

xEval is a small and dedicated team of people who believe that legislation belongs to everyone. We make staying informed easy by continuously tracking legislation and sending you alerts whenever a bill you care about is introduced or changes status. You pick the topics that are important to you, and we’ll do the work of monitoring both federal and state levels.

Each state has a unique legislative schedule, making it difficult and even frustrating to follow. We simplify the process by running daily scans and alerting you immediately. xEval is more than just an automated search engine. We use AI to build more comprehensive tracking to learn about your topics specifically. Legislators have a habit of disguising controversial bills to avoid scrutiny and attention. Our data science driven approach gives you the most robust scan and the confidence that you have the information you need.

Contact Us

xEval is a passionate team of people dedicated to keeping legislation in your hands. Let us know what features and functionality you need to make this mission a reality. Send us your questions, comments, feedback, and ideas!


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